After the buzz – The 2015 Lexus LS 600 H L


It is a real privilege to experience a flagship crafted by a Luxury automobile manufacturer. Here is a review on the Lexus LS 600 HL 2015.

LS 600 HL-LS being the most luxurious model of Lexus; 600 portrays that it’s packed with all the available options, H for Hybrid and L for Long wheel base.

The body lines on the LS show strong character and presence. A gigantic grill upfront carrying its prestigious badge, shoulder lines starting from the headlamps extending all the way back to the rear, tail lamps like they are from the future, 19” 245s in rubber and greyed out alloys to compliment the elegant ‘Eminent White Pearl’ paint. Hop in and you know you’ve spent a lot to get this car. There’s a flair to the ambiance about the cabin. Hints of wood everywhere, plush seats with 10-way adjustment, an IR monitoring system that makes sure you don’t doze off while driving, rear seat massagers, a 13-speaker Mark-Levinson stereo system. An analogue clock at the centre of the dash to add to the overall elegance. Driving feels like commanding a huge ship, a very silent one, thanks to its intelligent Hybrid power-train which charges itself during braking, deceleration and idling.

Under the bonnet hides a 5-Litre V8 engine producing 439 horses and is capable of pushing at 520nm of torque (0-100 km/h happens in 6.3 seconds). Really not bad for a car that weighs 2.7 tonnes. Driving modes consist of EV, Normal, Sport & Sport plus. “EV” being fully electric mode, “Normal” providing an economic drive using both, the electric and the petrol motor, “Sport” sharpening the throttle response and “Sport plus” stiffening the suspension setup for better maneuverability. The on-board Hybrid Synergy Drive electric motor is capable of switching to full electric power when stationery or driving up to speeds of 50 km/h.

Our test vehicle was used for a year and already had 52,000+ kms on it; implying that the owner had spent most of his time in it. This explained a few things; the steering system, the electric driver seat motor and the braking system had suffered. The steering experienced never-ending minor hiccups of resistance when turning at low speeds. The electric driver seat motor was painfully noisy for a car of this much worth. And, vibrations could be felt on the brake pedal when braking at low speeds. The ride quality was spectacular, ‘Smooth as butter’; though, it was occasionally bouncy at low speeds.

Put the right foot down, and the LS delivers a strong uninterrupted charge of naturally aspirated power. Switch to Sport mode, and the electric motor gauge changes into an RPM meter, the background in the MID converts into a ‘Ferocious Red’ from the very ‘Subtle Blue’. Because this car is more ‘Business’ than ‘Sport’, the accelerator pedal is exceptionally smooth and has a two level system. When you floor the throttle, you think that you have floored it 100%. But push it harder, and you realize that there’s still around 30% pedal travel available. The competition might be better, but keep the LS in isolation and there’s no more looking further.

Despite having minor flaws, the LS comes as a thunderbolt in matters of the overall experience. The qualities of this car considerably outshine its flaws making it an ideal ‘Luxury Sedan’.


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