Knocking at the Future’s Door

Knocking at the Future’s Door

We had laid our eyes on the flying cars and hover-cars since a long time, and boy were they a treat, a futuristic delicacy. But did we ever heed on the subject of a flying bike or hover bike? However, BMW has allied with Lego Technic to make a miniature hover bike on the base of their adventure machine R1200 GS, and this collaborated project passed out with flying colors. They made a very unique, lurking and stunning hover design concept.

After successfully making a Lego Technic BMW R1200 GS Adventure (miniature of course), Lego Technic pushed it further and using the same parts, recreated a hovering version of it. Furthermore, the BMW Junior Company Munich, where the BMW trainees from diverse department got the opportunity to work in-sync with this project. The results left everyone in awe, a life-sized version of BMW-Lego Technic Hover Ride Design Concept. But it did not last long and a wave of dysphoria spread as the fact was revealed, that it was a non-functional replica. Most of the parts used for this replica were the serial-production parts of the BMW’s Adventure GS 1200, with the help of Lego Technic. The trainees used propeller as a wheel-rim for the bike, likewise many components were used very ingeniously. Trainees from the second, third and fourth year of their courses used the pieces from the production version of the R1200 GS Adventure to build a life-sized (non-functional) model of the BMW-Lego Technic Hover Ride Design Concept.

The BMW-Lego Technic Hover Ride Design Concept is made out of 603 parts, it is not just any assembled product made for fun. But what it really is, is a result of pouring in successful and creative thoughts through BMW and Lego Technic. Both the firms have done a tremendous job to give justice to this concept. While Lego Technic has provided the 2-in one kit, the BMW Trainees made the replica of the Hover Ride Design Concept, including the bespoke parts. The concept design connoisseurs are delighted by the authentic BMW Telelever front-wheel suspension, the universal shaft drive and the moving BMW Motorrad twin-cylinder boxer engine. All these chunks are set in motion as soon as the bike is moved. It appeals to the child within, as we can envisage ourselves as a gleeful kid holding it in the hand and waving it in the air, making the typical vroom-vroom exhaust sound.

BMW said that the Hover Ride incorporates the Motorrad design DNA while maintaining the Lego Technic style and also that it is “full of emotion and creative energy…though not laying claim to technological plausibility”.

The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure made by LEGO Technic has been available since the start of this year and it consists 603 pieces to make a masterpiece or miniature version of the bike. It is not that easy to join all these 603 parts together and make a replica, it is like a making a “Transformer” or a Robot. Tough and time-consuming for sure, but totally worth it.

Yes, it is a concept machine or concept design anything can be called, but what if it got real and can actually be functional. What If? A totally new era of flying vehicles. No more would it be a thing of fantasy or future. We hope it starts soon so that we can be air-borne and control the flight by a twist of the wrist. But all this is just speculation, and while we ponder in our simulacrum why don’t you all take a look at what the BMW has teased us with.






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