Must-have Automotive Tools

Must-have Automotive Tools


Rulers :


These are the most common tools we all can have. Nothing like a normal half-foot or one foot scale, you can also use the measuring tape. But they do not give us the measuring accuracy as they are more suited to simpler and day-to-day tasks. Although they can always come in handy.




Thickness Gauges :


Thickness Gauges are blades of metal which come in various thicknesses, are used to measure small gaps or distances. Majorly, it helps in determining the clearance or tolerance between two parts.



Wire Gauges :


Wire Gauges are precisely sized pieces of round wire. The diameter is usually marked on the handle or holder. Openings such as spark-plug gaps can be measured with Wire Gauges.



Screwdrivers :


As we all know Screwdrivers are used to drive or turn screws. They are manufactured in diverse sizes, shapes and special-purpose designs. Most common being the single flat blade used for slotted head screws. There are also Torx-head and Phillips-head Screwdrivers which are useful for automotive purposes. Thus, selection of the right Screwdriver is very crucial.



Hammers :


One of the oldest and the most common tool is the Hammer. Used for striking the object or surface squarely or perpendicularly. Depending on the surface of the object and purpose, numerous styles and designs are made such as

  • Ball-peen
  • Rawhide-faced
  • Plastic Tip
  • Brassround_brass
  • Rubberrubber_mallet_black_fg_2

Common for all hammers is to avoid angular strike on the object.



Hacksaw :


A Hacksaw is basically an adjustable metal frame that holds a steel saw blade. The blade is replaceable and has varying range of teeth. With the variety of sizes and number of teeth per inch, we can choose the appropriate Hacksaw for the job at hand.



Pliers :


Pliers come under the category of gripping tools but can also be used for cutting wires. These hand tools come with a pair of adjustable pivoted jaws for cutting or gripping.



Air Pressure Gauge :

Intercomp_Analog Fill, Bleed, and Read Gauge 0-4BAR (360090)

One of the most basic but one of the most important tool one needs to have is the Air Pressure Gauge. As to keep the air pressure in check is a major safety precaution.



Wrenches :


This long-handled tool with fixed or adjustable jaws is an essential equipment for every mech-head. With the massive range and purpose based design, Wrenches definitely make our life easier. Few of them are listed below.

  • Open End WrenchGW_81805_FRNT_MAIN_11
  • Box Wrench box_wrench2
  • Combination WrenchGW_81760_FRNT_MAIN_12
  • Adjustable WrenchChrome_Vanadium_Adjustable_Wrench
  • Socket Wrench4c4592e3-2864-47f0-b36c-e7540e8153cf_1000
  • Torque Wrench


So what are you all waiting for? Grab your tools and start your vehicle maintenance on your own, as in every monsoon we all would need regular checks.


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