Audi’s Pro-Active Suspension System

Audi’s Pro-Active Suspension System

When an enthusiast car lover tries his feet on a luxury machine he would always expect noteworthy ergonomics and how the vehicle goes on uneven path. In today’s generation, most of the luxury car makers push their limits to improve their suspension system and provide an unbelievable ride quality to the occupants, the best examples are Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series. But, one more is coming to challenge the both. Another German genius, Audi is ready to go head to head against these two with its new Smart A8.

The new smart A8 was unveiled at the Audi summit in Barcelona and it has been already proved that the sedan is a versatile performer on the roads with Audi’s new Active suspension system, which provides stylish smoother ride. The all-new active suspension system is fully automatic and it will adjust itself based on the road conditions, which drives each wheel individually via an electric motor – powered by 48-volt main electrical system. An electric motor is capable to exert up 1100 Nm of force on the suspension system through a coupling rod. We can find other parts in the suspension system like three-speed planetary gears, a rotary tube with titanium torsion bar and a lever. A similar suspension system is available in SUV Q7.

In this system, the front of the car is equipped with cameras to detect the bumps and irregularities in the road ahead. The camera scans the road 18 times a second and sends the details to the new electronic chassis platform processor, and when car is nearer to the bump, suspension system tunes itself automatically to match upcoming road condition. ECP processor controls all suspension parts in real-time. Apart from the air-suspension the new concept of active suspension provides a pure and entirely new driving experience, and after all these the new sedan really sits close to the road with its dynamic driving style.

While in the cornering, braking, accelerating and during the pitching movements, the active suspension system minimizes rolling movements and enhance the drive ability and handling of the vehicle. In terms of handling, sedan gets sporty steering characteristics and Audi claims that the combination of adaptive front-wheel steering and rear-wheel steering will make sedan smaller than it actually is. Also the turning radius of the car at low-speed is smaller than A4 and it is significantly stable at high-speed.


As we all know, safety is the major concern nowadays and it is developing day by day, considering the safety in Audi’s new suspension system; it proves itself in passive safety and takes it to the another level. It is christened as Audi Pre-Sense 360˚ and how it works? Let’s check it out! When a sedan experiences an impact from the side at the speed of more than 25 km/hr, the safety sensors sense the impact and suspension accumulators raise up the car body by 80 mm from the impact side within a half second. It will transfer all the collision impact to the stronger parts of the sedan like side pillars or floor panel. So in a result, the safety of the occupants will increase by 50 percent.

Audi is always known for their luxury looks, interiors and drive systems and Audi A8 is the flagship model of the car maker so it is obvious that they will make sedan in a way that it will take on their big rivals like Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 series.


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