Chintan Mehta

The world of motorsports is so astounding that it casts a spell of fascination and such was the case with Chintan. Though he experienced it by seeing Bicycle Racers zip past him while he stood there gobsmacked; on the verge of delirium. But, that day something changed inside that 8-year old kid and built an understructure for his journey ahead.

He was no slouch and quickly gobbled up accolades in various sports but they all lost lustre with time. After debuting in District Bicycle Race, he had tasted blood bringing his quest to Stunt Riding, which he later did professionally. But alongwith his lust for thrill even his technical pries grew and made him take up Automotive Engineering.

Close to his centre of gravity, he enjoys his time in National Motorcycle Racing as well as Design Engineering. Thus, from its provenience to now, he has reached a state where his thought process gyrates around Two Wheels and Motorsports. With a curious mind he awaits to see how his journey further unfolds and what more he can decipher; as he always says – “The Quest has just begun!”

Hiral Thanki

Since school, Hiral did have interests in many areas. All these interests unhurriedly started disappearing with time, except for one; his intimacy with automobiles. It had a perfect explanation. Since the age of 5, he would spend hours in his balcony looking at vehicles pass-by through the boulevard below. He didn’t need a reason to love automobiles. He was obsessed with them.

He wanted to taste the thrill of speed, control traction feeling those maximal lateral Gs and experience the symphony of multifarious cylinders making intricately disciplined explosions in sync to push him deeper & deeper into the driver’s seat. And to quench this thirst with every single detail, knowledge was a desideratum beyond a shadow of a doubt. Otherwise he was just a moth to a flame. Thus, he pursued Automotive Engineering.

Automobiles have transformed from ‘human-made’ mechanical linkages to personalities with a frenzy of gadgetry. They are the exhilaration that draws Hiral. Witnessing the work of the greatest minds in the Automotive Industry is his ultimate aim. And henceforth, he shall never rest.

Rahul Prajapati

Coming from a humble background, Rahul was an avid skater until he tried his hands on bicycle, thenceforth he became an ardent devotee of everything with wheels. Being a keen outdoor sports lover during schooling, he first tried a bike being a fledling at a vernal age of 9. That was the moment he got aboard the ship called biking.

He fancied to be an enthusiastic Automotive Journalist, but to make his mere reverie a certain reality he took up Automobile Engineering. Being only penchant about bikes he felt a new sensation when he grabbed the steering wheel of his father’s car and was left baffled. During his engineering, he worked on some interesting projects and till date is curious to know about the technological advancements of this field.

He loves long routes, doesn’t matter if he is on two wheels or four as he feels a state of nirvana when with those soulful machines. But still he has long way to go as he chases faster machines and control them as marionettes, and sees his name on the record of fastest lap at Nurburgring, a near-death experience.

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