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2016/17 Toyota Aurion

2016/17 Toyota Aurion

Aurion, a model in the Toyota line up that’s sold in select places like the Gulf and the Australian sub-continent. The reason that Toyota is selling well is the fact that they have gained credibility through building reliable engines and “bang for the buck” vehicles; both the things that most customers look for. Sandwiched between … Continue reading 2016/17 Toyota Aurion


TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture)

The Japanese Auto-Giant, Toyota is prominent for their innovation and new technologies. Now to maintain their tradition, they have developed a totally new platform for engines and transmissions and christened it as “Toyota New Global Architecture”. TNGA is developed to provide the safest and smoothest drive with unmatchable fuel-efficiency. Not only for petrol vehicles, but … Continue reading TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture)